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As much of a fixture in the online casino as it is the traditional one, Baccarat is a game which involves a deck of cards. There are different versions of these free casino games, based mainly on geographical origin. Among these is the North American version, which is also known as ‘Punto Blanco’. It is the type which is played in brick and mortar casinos worldwide, so this is what our internet variant here would be primarily based on. System in the physical version also applies.

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Basically, the game puts premium on the ‘number cards’. The normally special cards such as Kings, Queens, and Jacks have nil worth, or are officially valued as ‘zero’ in this game; with ace as our base unit, or our value ‘one’. The number cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8,9, and 10, are valued as such respectively. A player’s score would be based on the mathematical total of what they have at hand, based on the value assignation as discussed; yet the higher limit is kept from reaching ‘10’. In other words, if the cards the player has on hand literally total i.e. 5+6 = 10, his/her official total stands as ‘zero’, or 10-10 = 0. So, another player with cards totaling 7, i.e. 3+4, would be having the higher value, and thus the greater chance of winning in the tilt. This also means that the highest possible value that a player can accumulate in this game, is ‘9’.

Baccarat involves two main components : a.) the Player, and b.) the Banker. The Banker is, of course, on the side of the manager, or the one distributing the cards, while the Player is the one on the receiving end. Cards are initially distributed in twos, with the face lying down to the table, for both the player and the banker to flip up and see upon receiving. The correspondence is a continuing ‘back and forth’, ‘to and fro’, as the Player receives the cards on one turn, and the Banker receives the cards on the other. After these are all said and done, the Player and the Banker compare results. The side with the highest card value wins during that turn, and the process goes on and on. That is, until one or the other presents a total card value of 9, or even 8; at which point, the game is finished. There won’t be any more turns to follow. So, the end goal is for either the Banker or the Player to achieve a total card value of either 8 or 9, which they could through drawing single cards at each turn.

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Thus, there are only three possible outcomes a user could bet on: a.) either the Player wins, b.) the Banker wins, or c.) it’s a tie, or both sides registering equal value. User places their bet depending on software mechanism. The best online casinos offers casino bonus, as incentive to for users’ continued play. Online casino reviews of this are normally positive.

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